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Learn more about Launch - the 8-week mind and body accelerator program from guide and Wellteam Instigator Troy Flower.

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Monday, Sep 26, 2022 at 07:30 AM

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Keen to do something to get back on top in life?

Many of us are feeling burnt out, worn out or just disgruntled with life. There's got to be more to it than just surviving?

That's why Wellteam exists. We've pulled together a comprehensive database of mind and body hacks that can help re-ignite drive and passion for life.

The 8-week Launch Program has proven to be a favourite tool to explore around 40 different hacks that can seriously impact performance.

Join this FREE session and Wellteam instigator Troy will run through some the mind and body hacks that form part of the Launch. program. He will also share his favourite activities for boosting personal performance.

Grab a drink or your dinner, sit in, join the session and see if the Launch Program is right for you.

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Troy studied sports science at University before diversifying his career across Marketing, Sales, International Tour guiding, Stationhand, Banking Executive (reporting to the CEO), General Manager, Small Business Owner, Start-up Founder, Pharmaceutical Sales Director, Photographer, Dishwasher and many more.

With a diversified background he has a good handle on the challenges of life and has spent the last 30 or more years focusing on strategies to improve personal performance.

He's married with two teenage kids, a german shorthaired pointer dog, races mountain bikes, tries to run and love talking about optimisation.

Troy's the one who put Wellteam in motion - blame him for cold showers, intermittent fasting, drinking water, getting up early, cutting caffeine and more.

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