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Mar 07, 2022

Some facts to start with:

  • Humans have been evolving for the last 2,500,000 years.
  • Less than 200 years ago electricity started to appear in homes.
  • Therefore Humans evolved for 99.992% of our existence without electricity in our homes.

Prior to electricity, we went to bed not long after it got dark and woke up with the birds in the morning.

Think you're not a morning person? We're a morning species - we've just been fighting it for the last tiny piece of our existence so we can worship the god of TV or more recently, Youtube.

The maths is pretty simple. If you stay up late, it's hard to get up early and still get enough quality and quantity of sleep to really thrive in life. It's a trade-off - just make sure it's worth it for you.

Getting up earlier in the morning gives you time to yourself, before you start the business of the day. It gives you time to walk, run, ride, swim, sit, relax, read, journal, stretch, talk, all before the day starts for everyone else.

If you want to feel optimised, get up when the birds sing, when the last stars fade and when everyone else is lying in bed. Even getting up 20 minutes earlier to do something to optimise your life is a cracking start to the day. Start with an 'hour of power' first thing and watch what happens.

Take charge. Wake up with the birds. There's a bloody good reason they're all chirping away so happily.

Get a little chirp back in your life.

Tweet. Tweet.




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