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Mar 07, 2022

The key to an optimised life is be clear on where you are heading.

You don't need to have long term goals - many with long term goals live unhappy lives, chasing something always beyond their reach.

The key to an optimised life is to have some destinations, what we call Waypoints. Waypoints are more flexible than goals, so if the winds are blowing against you, you can return to Waypoints when conditions are more favourable.

Take a few minutes now to write three things you want to achieve in the next few weeks.

Write them down and then set up a calendar appointment in your diary first thing each morning (repeating entry). Write your goals in there as a daily appointment. You can also use a reminder function on your smart phone or computer.

When you wake up, remind yourself of where you're heading and your mind will make subconscious choices throughout the day to help you get there.

If you haven't yet formulated a plan of attack for the next few years, then we'd love you to join the next Launch Program. There's some comprehensive tools for members to help you define yourself and your purpose.

Remember: If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.

There's a lot of incredible adventures to be had in life and a lot of dead end roads.

Don't miss your chance. This is your time to thrive.




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