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Mar 07, 2022

When you think about all the things you've achieved this year or want to achieve next year, my guess is that getting an annual health check isn't one of them.

You may have:

  • serviced your car/bike/truck
  • had your teeth looked at by a dentist
  • updated your software programs multiple times
  • maybe had a performance review done
  • had your accountant look over your books or your tax
  • signed up to subscription services for music, TV, online services and many more
  • paid for life insurance, home insurance, content insurance, business insurance, car insurance, bike insurance etc.

Have you invested in an annual checkup on your health?

It's the one thing we can do each year that can significantly reduce the likelihood of all those other things being redundant. So...

It's time to do that one thing now. While you have the time, book yourself in for an annual health check with a doctor/physician/general practitioner.

Let's start each day with the knowledge that we have reduced the likelihood of something negatively impacting our life.

It's a simple thing to do for peace of mind. It's about optimisation, not health. Remove the voice in the back of your head that says "What if there's something wrong".




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