Avoid the resolutions slump

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Mar 07, 2022

Have you ever fallen victim to the post resolution slump?

The key to starting a new year is not to start with a resolution...start with a plan.

Wellteam helps people build plans that stick. Simple tips, done daily to optimise your life. It's that simple and that powerful.

Wellteam has a big focus on purpose and we deliberately have purpose optimisation in most of our programs. Anyone who has set a new years resolution at 12.05am on New Years day knows the value of setting goals when you're pissed, drunk, tired, drugged up, emotional or trying to pick someone up.

Focusing on your purpose is best done with a clear mind, a well functioning body and with a mindset that's already targeting an optimal life.

Get in early, before the end of the year and start with a plan, start now and get on board with a Wellteam program. Let's start next year with some momentum, a positive community around us and a plan to thrive throughout the year and beyond.

Get your plan in place. In fact, start anytime throughout the year and check-in with your progress at the start of your new year. That's how to be optimised.

Go well.

Troy (instigator of Wellteam)




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