Forge ahead with stillness

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Mar 07, 2022

Get on top of your busy mind.

Our phones have infiltrated our lives in such a profound way. We no longer switch off. They are with us 24/7. So take charge by using your phone for good...

...simply download a meditation app like Calm or Headspace and start a daily meditation program of 10 minutes a day. Best to do it first thing in the morning in your 'hour of power'.

Don't like the idea of meditation? Don't want to pay for another app on your phone? Rebelling against technology? No sweat.

There is growing evidence around the benefits of meditation or if you're not into meditation, stillness. Spending 10 minutes a day without distraction, just sitting, away from the noise, the screaming kids, demanding people, emails, beeps, buzzes, flashing apps demanding your attention. Get away from it all.

If you've got a meditation app for a guided meditation, that is likely to be very helpful but it is not critical.

You just need to take some time each day, for you. Just stop. Commit to doing nothing for 10 minutes each day. Get in nature if you can, find somewhere quiet if you can't. No pressure of spiritual enlightenment, no crossed legged Pretzel pose, no loose fitting fishermans pants, no hands together in prayer.

Just sit comfortably.

Just be.

Just switch off.

Just 10 minutes.

No pressure and remember to breath in through your nose, into your stomach, out through your mouth.

You've got this.

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