Lower your expectations at Christmas

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Mar 07, 2022

Christmas is often a time of expectations. It's time when we want everything to go right. We put in a huge amount of effort and expense for one day of the year. We bring family together, we wrap presents we hope people will like. It's all about giving isn't it?

But...Christmas is often stressful, often very stressful. For many, it's the one time of the year they dread. Often the dread comes from others around them.

It's really common in life (and heightened at big events), for us to expect more from others. After all, if you've put in so much effort all year, you've saved up so much, you've gone without, you've slaved to cook, you've prepared your house, you've wrapped, you've packed, you've given up so much...at least they could do is....

...but they didn't. Don't they get how much effort you put in, don't they get the sacrifice you made, don't they get....

Let me be clear here. NO. No they don't get it and nor should they.

Everyone has their own shit they're dealing with and the one's who aren't dealing with shit and blissfully unaware of your shit (lucky bastards). The key to a happy Christmas and a happy life is to lower your expectations of others.

Don't expect a thank you, don't expect a smile, don't expect...

Just appreciate that you've made the effort, because the effort is something you value. No one has to get that, only you. You have your story, your shit, your values.

Tomorrow, tonight, right now, lower your expectations of people understanding your shit, just enjoy your effort. You did it. How they respond...that's none of your business.

This is Christmas. Give. Expect nothing in return.




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