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Mar 07, 2022

At the start, Wellteam's aim was simple: Help one million men across the globe, live a more fulfilling, happier and healthier life.

With experience in broad industries from pharmaceuticals, cancer research, prevention and support, banking & finance, arts, tourism and most recently ageing (how to age better), I've seen a lot of do's and don't for a better life.

In May 2020 we started assembling a range of practical activities that have been shown to help build a more positive life. It's been a wonderful challenge because life is complicated, so what works for some won't work for others, working one day and not the next.

Unfortunately, the harder we strive, the more challenging life gets, often due to a time & energy tradeoff. When we focus our time or energy in one area it is at the expense of another. Achieving perfect balance may well be impossible.

So here's my problem...

...I started Wellteam to make people's lives better. In particular, those 40-60 who are often knee deep in life's crap. We're in the 'pressure trench', also referred to as the 'Shit Sandwich'. Our invincible parents are showing signs of vulnerability and decline, our kids lead us to question our ability to parent, and we feel like we're constantly letting down the partners we love.

We're in survival mode... and then there's our job....

...we're working our arses off to make the most of our 'prime earning years', keeping the money machine rolling to buy more expensive stuff we think we need. Meanwhile, we contemplate the fact that the future of the world apparently rests with our ungrateful children who think hard work is maintaining 'streaks' on snapchat.

Happiness anyone?

So there I was at Christmas after spending 8 months researching and pulling content together focused on better living.

I'd just published the 12 days of optimisation blog. We had our first site members working their way through the activities. I was writing about making the most of life but...

...I was feeling like shit.

I felt like a hypocrite, despite the fact that I'm doing all the right things. Here I was shining a guiding light for others, while my own light was dull.

So herein lies the reality of the perfect life.

There's no guru that can get you to the perfect life. I certainly don't have all the answers. I started Wellteam to create a place to share, have the conversation, build a community and curate activities that work for others, in the hope that they improve your life too.

Like you, I'm not perfect, I'm not optimised.

You see, optimisation is not a quest for perfection but a mindset to make the most of where you are, with what you've got.

So over Christmas 2020, I spent time with wonderful family, I rode my mountain bike, I meditated (or tried), spent time in nature, swam in crystal clear streams and waterfalls in ancient alpine forests (that's my kids in the picture). No complaints there but despite ticking a lot of boxes for optimisation activities, I felt well short of perfect.

This is the reality of life.

We don't score a 10/10 no matter how good we are. No matter how focused. At Wellteam, our quest for optimisation is encapsulated in our motto:

Do what you can, where you are, with what you've got.

What's clear to us is if you're doing something everyday to improve your life, no matter how small then you are making progress. This is optimisation. It's the commitment to positive action that will help you make the most of life.

If you're doing the work and not feeling amazing and awesome, then don't sweat it. Optimisation is not perfection, it's simply the pursuit of 'better' on that day where you are, with what you've got.

Sometimes the random nature of life will conspire against you, despite your efforts. At other times it will feel easy, effortless and you'll be on top of the world.

The more you practice the little things, the more resilience you'll build. You'll grow capacity to take on the challenges when life conspires against you. You'll gain more pleasure from the highs and lessen the impact of the lows.

Be proud that you're making progress.

Be happy that you're not perfect.

Take care and go well.


Wellteam Instigator and Content Curator.




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