The power of choice

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Jun 24, 2022

If you're an Indiana Jones fan like me, you might remember that line. It's in a crucial scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Walter Donovan is about to drink from what he believes to be the Holy Grail.

Walter Donovan prepares to drink from the 'Holy Grail'

The Grail chosen was the most beautiful and expensive looking among a range of options.

For the rather unsavoury Donovan, it carries the promise of eternal life.

The Grail Knight, played by actor Robert Eddison sets forth the challenge of the grail.

You must choose. But choose wisely. For as the true Grail will bring you life, a false Grail will take it from you.

Isn't this so true for life today.

Marketers have become expert at convincing us to drink from "False Grails" every day.

It's quite challenging to sort fact from fiction and make good choices, not only for ourselves but for those we care about.

It's easy to be bedazzled by the promise of looking fitter, younger, healthier, wealthier, smarter etc just by buying something else. All too often it's another 'false grail'.

The true key to a healthier and happier life often rests in choosing an option that works, without the false promise. Just as Indiana Jones chose, a simple, well-used cup without all the dazzle.

Indiana Jones drinks from the true 'Holy Grail'

Wellteam is designed for men 40 - 60+ with programs constructed around simple and achievable ways to get happier and healthier.

We hear a lot from members going through our current Accelerate and Launch programs that one simple thing made a big difference. That's quite a common thing.

It's the true 'Grail'.

We need to get the simple stuff right. To do that often doesn't cost money, it often saves money and can put healthier years back on our lives.

Understanding what gives you that feeling of happiness and energy is critical for life. If we don't have it clear in our minds what brings us happiness (where our passion is) then what hope do we have of achieving more of it?

While it seems like such a simple hack, it's very important, as...

...spending time on a true passion will give you life...a false passion will take life from you.

If you haven't yet jumped into a Wellteam Program yet there's new program open right now. If you're not sure where to start, use the Scorecard tool and get a custom program built for your needs. We'll even throw in a 14 day trial to get you started.

Where ever you are and what ever you're doing with your time....

...choose wisely.

Choose well.


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