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Jun 25, 2022

Life really is crazy right now. We find ourselves spending more time in front of a computer screen and not enough time interacting socially with people, even just for fun.

We're also consuming more information outside of our control and then waste precious time trying to process it all (awake and asleep). Our connection with technology in the last two years has now normalised the amount of time we now spend on it.

In a 20 minute break from work we can check out the latest war update from Ukraine, watch live images of flooding/bushfires, car crashes, spectacular stunts (usually the ones that go wrong) and dive into the latest conspiracy theory on vaccines, world domination, 'the great cull' and more.

If you spent that 20 minutes refreshing your mind with some meditation, walking out in nature, doing some simple strength or stretching exercises, journalling, calling a friend, sitting sharing a drink with family or listening to an inspiring piece of music, you'd be much better off.

The challenge is, that as humans, we're wired to focus on danger and threats.

Our natural bias toward external threats has kept us alive. It's the reason that conspiracy theories flourish in times of uncertainty. Most people don't have the energy, focus, desire, drive or knowledge to scratch deeper and do the balanced research or thinking. It's much easier to skim the surface.

When uncertainty grows, (and there's plenty to be uncertain about now) it's easy to become confused and then overwhelmed.

When we're in this state, we get tired, we lack energy, we seek energy and comfort in caffeine, dull the pain with drugs, dismiss the world with Netflix (a show about conspiracy theories perhaps) or hide at home with a bottle of red and a bucket of KFC.

It's easy to do, it's attractive, gives instant gratification and no-one would think any the worse of you if you did. There is another option though....yeah, yeah, I hear you saying...exercise, diet, meditation - we know!

Well, those activities will help, no doubt, but perhaps another approach right now is to do a simple exercise. Take out a piece of blank paper - use a book if you have one.

A point in time

Write on the top of the paper "A point in time".

On that piece of paper, write about where you are right now, all the stuff that's going on in your life and in your head. Write about what worries you and what excites you. Importantly write about what you know to be true in your life. Not what you think could be true.

Our minds are generally over-active and we love to prepare for the worst scenarios (of which there are plenty). But you can't accurately predict the future better than anyone else. What you can do is understand your now.

Sometimes we have to take stock, consider what we have, what we know to be true and switch off to the mass of stories now at our disposal. Don't let others people's priorities over-ride yours. Typically if you're reading something on social media, someone is likely to be benefiting from you reading it (whether that's financially, politically or their ego/status).

For me, one of my favourite times is now catching up with fellow Wellteam members via zoom on a Monday or on Saturday's 7am social exercise sessions. It's refreshing to sit around with healthy conversation and a group of blokes from all walks of life.

Take some time out today, write 'A point in time' and get all the stuff that's going on in your head, out on paper - you'll feel better, trust me. While you're at it, make sure you run your own bullshit filter over what you've written. Be sure to fact check it for stories versus truth.

If you haven't do so already, join a Wellteam program. It's a great way to build mental and physical resilience. We're out to build a healthier world, one good man at a time.

Take care and go well.


Wellteam Instigator.




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