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Mar 07, 2022

Life can get challenging, no doubt about it. If you're experiencing significant distress and hardship right now then my heart goes out to you.

On a visit to Nepal many years ago I saw a family living under a piece of cloth near a river. The woman was smashing up rocks with a hammer and sorting them into smaller pieces. Her young kids were helping her. She was smiling. It was clearly a very tough existence, much tougher than I have ever experienced.

If you're not in a really sad situation, then here's a challenge to you. When someone asks you how you are, don't choose "not too bad". "Not too bad" adds no value to the start of a conversation, it's a suckers choice. It's dragging the conversation down, right at the start.

It's time to dial up an optimised answer.

For the next 10 days answer this way:

  1. Honestly - if you're sad or exhausted, stressed, frustrated, tell people. And, if you're OK...
  2. Go big, optimistic, positive. Go with "pumped", "excited", "fully engaged" or take a leap with "Exceptional".

This simple hack will change your life.

If you're a "not too bad" person then you'll see a shift straight away. Watch as the energy changes in the person you're meeting with. Notice how your conversations turn more positive and solution focused.

Go 'exceptional' and you won't go back.




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