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Oct 20, 2022

It's hard to believe that one day you will die.

If you're a male in your 40's or 50's, you've already made a significant dent in your life bucket. Our analysis of the Australian Bureau of Statistics Deaths in Australia web report 2021 data showed that in 2019:

  • 15% of all male adults died before their 60th birthday
  • 29% died before their 70th birthday
  • 53% were pushing up daisies before they turned 80

That's not the average age of death, it's reality.

We think we'll live forever. We plan to 'live it up' after we retire but in 2019 almost 1 in every 3 men were dead before they hit 70. Sobering?

Do you ever question your purpose in life? It's worth considering how you'll be remembered. When people raise a glass in your name, what will they say?

On the 1st April last year, I said goodbye to my mum at 74, after a brave fight. For me, she is a reminder of never quitting, never giving up while there's still life in your body. She was a warrior, she was stoic and she was a champion of those in need of love and support.

How will you be remembered and for how long?

I hate to break it to you but in reality, you won't be remembered for very long.

It's important to appreciate that what you have in life and even the memories of you after death, are not permanent.

Not convinced? Stop and recall what you know of any relative of yours that died over 100 years ago. What do you remember? What was their job? Did they routinely work over-time? What were they known for? What was said at their funeral?

Life is short and the recall of your heroic deeds in the office will likely be even shorter. If your sole purpose in life is your work, then perhaps you're in for a rude shock when you leave.

I spoke with someone recently who had worked for a significant time in a big bank. They fought their way up to the lofty heights. They had a real passion for their employees, their team, the company. They put in the long hours, the big days. They were proud of their efforts and rightly so. But...

...within weeks of leaving, their history was erased. Someone new was changing the game they created. Their hard work forgotten. Their purpose, for most of their career evaporated. It turns out their legacy wasn't written in gold leaf but invisible ink.

Is your current plan to focus hard on work and wait for retirement before you travel, explore hobbies, get fit and healthy again?

Sadly, for many, it just doesn't play out that way. When we lose our purpose and our status we slip into a hole that can be hard to fight our way out of. For some those retirement years will be short, sad and lonely.

Start 'living life' now. Look for purpose outside of work, whatever that is. If finding your purpose is hard, here's a suggestion: Get fit and healthy and you'll have more time to work it out. Make Wellteam's purpose, your purpose.

Right now, the world needs leaders for a healthier way of living. By healthier, I'm not just talking exercise, I'm talking mental calm, clarity, kindness, friendships, relationships, better food. The world is crying out for people brave enough to put wellbeing first.

Got kids or grandkids?

Childhood obesity is at an all-time high. Depression is skyrocketing. Suicide rates are up and rising. Almost 50% of men will develop at least one chronic disease in their life. 50% of men in the US reported being lonely always or sometimes and 33% reported having no close friendships. No-one to turn to when they need it. There's real work to be done!

Would you live better knowing those around you are happier and healthier because you made a decision to step up? 

Whether you like it or not, you're a role model in your workplace, your family and your community. Step up to the challenge now.


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Participating in Wellteam’s Global Revolution is a great way to build healthier habits and also encourages others.

Join a growing global team united to inspire others for a happier, healthier world.

Go well.


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