Five mind-hacks for thriving amidst geopolitical meltdowns.

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Oct 31, 2022

Are you prepared for when things turn to shit globally? 

Regularly I sit down with a good friend who's building a business trading a commodity on the futures exchange. It blows my mind from a risk perspective and is a subject well outside my area of expertise. The variables that impact the buying and selling of commodities like oil, gas, wheat, rice, cocoa, corn, uranium and celebrities are vast. 

Ultimately they're impacted by supply and demand pressures driven largely by geopolitical factors. We’re certainly experiencing a few of those with political uncertainty, rogue leaders, covid policies, population changes and worrying news of an impending global environmental catastrophe. 

Our ability assess risk and know the critical information on any one global subject is low. News sources are dodgy at best and we can't know who to rely on for accurate information.

We’re in the midst of something unusual for most of us…a future that doesn’t look stable or predictable and we don't know who to trust. 

With that in mind, how can you retain a 'good life' when the mental models we’ve lived in are eroding, change is upon us and the future is uncertain? 

First things first. 

Human Beings (home sapiens) have roamed the earth for 200,000 years in our current biological state. We survived without the luxuries we have in life today. 

Remember, in 1984, the Pintupi Nine (9 Australian Aboriginals), walked out of the Great Sandy Desert into ‘Australia’. They had no previous contact with white man or our version of ‘modern life’. They survived a hunter and gatherer lifestyle and for 40,000 years their ancestors survived in some of the harshest conditions on the planet with none of our modern luxuries (note the clothes in the image were provided after they entered a camp). 

Trust me…you will survive - no question. Be confident in that. The question is... how do you thrive?

Preparing your mind is the key.

…so let’s get to work on that now. 

Here’s five key mind and body hacks you can build into your daily routine to set yourself up to thrive in uncertain times. 

1. Embrace cold-water showers (cold start, finish or whole shower). 

This simple hack helps build mental toughness, wires the brain for dealing with stress, is affordable and can be done everywhere that running water exists. Done regularly it will build self-confidence so you can endure, overcome and ultimately enjoy something that was once unfathomable. It's also shown to improve immunity and overall health with a 30% reduction in absenteeism. 

2. Start building physical strength and endurance. 

Similar to cold showers, strength training builds in us a feeling of self-confidence. Don’t build strength for body image, that’s not healthy and image-based action won’t help with survival! Build strength to be stronger, mentally and physically. Do push-ups, sit-ups, chair dips, lunges, chins ups, walk more stairs and move more in general. Building physical capability builds confidence and when things go to shit, having confidence helps. 

3. Quit Caffeine (tea or coffee) and drink only water for a week. 

These two may sound radical, but they're very valuable. What they will do is build your confidence for change. These will highlight for you, how you can absolutely reduce and eliminate habitual things that you think are critical in your life. By embracing small changes like these (and they are small), you’ll build your ‘change-muscle’. You’ll gain an understanding of how you’ve sucked yourself into thinking you can’t function without these things. There's also some other far reaching benefits of these two mind and body hacks but that's for another time.


4. Flip your psychology with the exceptional challenge. 

At Wellteam we love this challenge. For the next two weeks, when someone asks you how you are…answer that you’re ‘exceptional' (or similar, over-the-top positive answer). Just as the key to dragging yourself down is to surround yourself with people who are similarly down, lifting yourself up, requires influencing and lifting those around you. When you start a conversation in a very positive way, you change your psychology and that of the person you’re interacting with. When you’re confronting change, this is the key. Embrace it, look for the positive in it and show confidence to those around you…you’ll influence them too. 

5. Find a forward thinking, positive focused tribe.

Enduring and thriving is not a solo sport. We are a social species, we thrive when we are with others, when we share ideas, concerns and fears. We are intrinsically conditions to support each other (something evolutionary psychologists refer to as reciprocity). We know that helping each other is good for us. The more 'us' you have around you the better, it's why finding a tribe is and always has been a key criteria for thriving.

These five things will do nothing to influence factors outside your control (most geopolitical factors). What they will do is prepare you to endure, respond, adapt and ultimately, thrive, when factors outside your control start to impact you directly.

Wellteam's Ancient Man Challenge.

To get yourself in mental and physical shape to survive geopolitical chaos or a zombie apocalypse, check out Wellteam’s Ancient Man Challenge. Six weeks of micro-challenges and the tools to help you embrace changes and embed new, healthy habits. Compete with others or your mates on global leaderboards and earn points toward a coveted Wellteam t-shirt. 

Ultimately, the key to thriving is to take action and be prepared mentally for change.

Take care out there and go well.


Wellteam Founder.




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