What is Micro-Habit Compounding?

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Nov 23, 2022

When was the last time you learned a new skill? 

I’m teaching my daughter to drive a car right now…more aptly put…I’m giving myself an education in self-control, stress-management and patience…while my daughter sits excitedly next to me holding the steering wheel. 

It’s one wild ride…certainly the first few were!

Anyone who’s put themselves through this process understands the seriousness of the activity. A mistake can cost lives, while not making mistakes inhibits learning and growth. It’s a balancing act. 

Driving a car is a skill, the process of operating the steering system, switches, foot pedals, lights and even simple things like operating the radio while you’re driving, they’re all skill based. 

Driving correctly on a road, that’s another set of skills. Appreciating road position, responding to signage, changing road conditions in changing weather with unpredictable drivers, animals and here in Australia…crazy kangaroos.

The key to success is micro-habit compounding. 

Start by building the right skills in the right order. Get to know the feel of the accelerator and brake in a carpark, learn to move the car around using the steering wheel, well before hitting the freeway. 

Build each micro-skill until it’s intuitive (habitual), then progress.

When it comes to your wellbeing, it’s similar, except with a big difference...

...you’re already driving! 

When I was 40 I was gifted a ‘Learn to Rally Drive’ course. Instructors took me around a dirt track and coached me in how to handle a performance rally car on a dirt course. 

I thought I was pretty shit-hot behind the wheel, after all, I’d raced motorbikes and go-karts when I was a kid, worked as an international tour guide and driver, driving trucks, buses and Unimog’s on some of the worst, most unpredictable roads in the world. 

Wrong! It took about 14 laps for me to get out of a simple road-driving habit.

When it comes to driving an all-wheel drive rally car on a dirt road, you have to build the driving process differently. You don’t steer into a corner, you shift the weight forward by touching the brake, holding the wheel straight while the car's rear slides around, then accelerate. You brake in a corner to adjust the direction, while accelerating! 

Wellbeing, as it happens for most of us more ‘mature’ types, is something we have to re-build.

There’s many habits that find their way into our lives over many years that prevent us from living with greater wellbeing. The classic is the ‘get up early and exercise’ story. 

Exercising first thing in the day is a powerful way to start your day…but most people struggle to start as they’re often too tired to get up and seek to maximise their sleep.

In order to get up early, consistently, the process actually starts a week before. 

A micro-habit compounding process to get up early to exercise. 

1. Schedule a regular bedtime and be consistent for the week prior

2. Switch your devices off one hour before bed each night and use the ‘do not disturb’ feature so they won’t interrupt your sleep

3. Spend 3 - 7 minutes outside in nature, in daylight in the mornings as soon as you wake

4. Finish with caffeine no later that midday the day before

5. Commit to get up the next morning and go outside earlier than usual

6. Set your alarm at the time you want to get up and remove the snooze option

7. Put your alarm in a place with the exercise gear you will wear in the morning

8. Get up and put your gear on when the alarm goes off

9. While you’re up, then get out in nature with your gear on

10. Do some exercise while you’re outside

The steps aren’t difficult, but…if you remove one, it makes the outcome harder to achieve habitually. 

This is the reason many try but fail at exercise classes. Despite their intention, they're doomed before they get to the class. 

Why does no-one teach you this stuff?

Simple. Because it’s all free. No profit to be made.

Wellteam has 80+ individual mind and body hacks that we assemble into sequential programs that cover: mind, body, movement, purpose, relationships and nutrition. 

Follow an ordered process of small steps daily. Build up your process and ‘stack’ habits together. 

Just like learning to drive a rally car as an adult, sometimes we have to unlearn before we progress to the next level. 

Micro-habit compounding, combined with mind and body hacks, can enable busy people to build new systems, driving greater wellbeing, fast. 

Do the right things for you, in the right order, at the right time.

Need a hand with that? 

Use the Wellteam Scorecard tool to get your online Optimisation Scorecard Report.

Click the Custom Program button and NEO, our AI Wellbeing Robot will build a full custom program…just for you…using micro-habit compounding.

You can even start today with a 14 day free trial. 

Step 1. Prioritise 8 minutes now and complete the scorecard tool

Have an exceptional day and...

Go well.





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