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Dec 30, 2023

Click. Another door closes.

When we end a year something happens in our mind. We experience a type of closure. A belief that we can do no more.


As a society we attach so much of our lives to a calendar system that tracks 365 sunrises and sunsets. 


What did you do this year?


What will you do next year?


Imagine life without a calendar. How would you measure your life? What would you be thinking right now about how long you have to live?


My guess is that a huge amount of stress in our lives is based around our calendar.


If you've passed or soon passing 50 calendar years of life what does that mean? What is the significance of 50 years since you were born?


Go back to pre-calendar days and consider what that would have meant versus today?


I certainly have in my head, a fixation on years like a performance scorecard. I should have achieved this or that.


At 51 I can predict to have only another 20 "years" of illness free life ahead of me... I can access my superannuation at age 65 and then have 5 years with which to enjoy it before illness and age starts to rob me of my functions.


A calendar causes us to look ahead or behind, to catalogue things in accordance with time... something that, in reality, is immaterial and meaningless.


What other species in the world places any importance on calendars or clocks?


What we should be doing is living life more for now, for a calendar doesn't record life, it doesn't predict life, it doesn't even track life. It's a catalogue system like the dewey decimal system in a library.


Think about how much of your life is constructed around a calendar.


Your expectations and that of those around you, fears, worries, wishes, more often than not attach to a date, a time, a pre-determined point in the future.




Another year ends and a another year opens...




Today, take that pressure off.


Don't think about what you'll do this year... think about what you are doing today. When the sun comes up tomorrow... do the same.


Break time into seasons. Think about the beauty and opportunity in the seasons... for they are real. They mark changes in nature that impact us.


Longer days, shorter days, warmer days, cooler days, windy days, snow, rain, sun, darkness, light.


Days where we can do more outside, more inside, wear warmer clothes, cooler clothes, swim happily in oceans and streams or brace as we dip into a freezing cold, invigorating pond.


So my friend. Thanks for being a part of my universe, for joining me and us on this journey to live our best lives.


When the clock chimes tonight and the calendar ticks over... nothing will change. I will be here... for you. 


Take care and above all else... be kind.




Wellteam Founder




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