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Mar 07, 2022

Many of us can't get through a day without our cup of coffee. Coffee consumption is at record highs and caffeine finds it's way into so much of our diet.

We love coffee and don't stress, we're not about to recommend you don't drink it. There's evidence that suggest many positive health benefits from drinking coffee.

When it comes to coffee please just consider this:

  • Coffee is a stimulant. (you know that)
  • When you're tired, exhausted coffee can help (you know that too)
  • Coffee stops your body from winding down and keeps you alert (you know that)
  • If you don't sleep well, you can have a coffee first thing to pick you up (you know that)
  • Coffee can remain in your body, having that effect for over 12 hours
  • If you need a coffee in the afternoon to pick you up, it is likely to be effecting the quality (not quantity) of your sleep, causing you to feel tired during the day.
  • Drinking more coffee can mean...needing more coffee - the more you drink, the more you need.
  • If you NEED coffee, it's often a sign you're not looking after your health, you're not sleeping well.
  • Not sleeping well is a contributing factor in a growing number of preventable diseases and it makes judgement poor, anxiety greater, depression worse and it's screwing up your ability to live an optimised life.

Coffee is considered a drug and humans respond to drugs in different ways and at different doses.

Just like alcohol, some can drink a lot with little effect while others crash spectacularly after a single glass of champagne. If you are feeling tired during the day, waking up badly or NEED a coffee/red bull or any other 'pick me up' during the afternoon - just consider the effects of coffee.

Consider your coffee intake. If you're tired, don't have a coffee, adjust your bedtime routines first.

Go well.

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