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Feb 22, 2024

What age do you think you will die?

Think about it quickly. Note the number that jumps into your head.


We all subconsciously have a belief around how long we will live... but...

...please don't get complacent and think you will live a long life.

In today's world, we seem to think that a long life is desirable...

... so let me share the story of my dear Nanna.

My Nanna (Joyce Flower)

At 51 years of age my Nanna developed a bleed in her brain (cerebral haemorrhage or stroke). She was given months to live.

She was put into an induced coma for 6 months before being returned home to die.

She survived to the age of 72.

She survived for 21 years, confined to a bed or chair, with limited capacity to move and reduced capacity to communicate.

At the time of her death she was the longest residing patient in the Bendigo Home and Hospital for the Aged (maybe still holds the unenviable record).

The impact of that stroke forever changed the lives, choices and opportunities of my parents and her husband (my Grandpop). They received no award or recognition for their commitment to her support. The sacrifices they made to be there for her were extraordinary and very admirable.

From the age of 6 onwards I visited her regularly. Every special occasion was marked with a visit to the Home and Hospital for the Aged... visits that filled me with sadness, trepidation and hope.

Those visits left a permanent mark on me.

I had the opportunity to see first hand how life can play out and it's wide-reaching effects.

I'm sure that experience ignited in me a drive to chose to live my life fully... healthy.

Today, I see an increasing number of people making choices that will permanently impact their chance to live a fulfilling life. It's something that drives me to help them course-correct before it's too late.

Small choices... big consequences

Small conscious choices can have big, serious consequences.

Trivial, daily, unhealthy choices become unhealthy habits... and then chronic disease.

They creep up. They trap you.

Many, if not most of those habits, serve others (tech giants, food giants, pharmaceutical giants) but they do not serve you.

Those small choices have deliberately low barriers and no immediate negative consequences. They're often easier, more convenient, more comfortable than healthy options. They have built-in instant gratification, they trigger dopamine in the brain... just as they are designed to do.

Quick grab, convenient 'foods' feed our evolutionary survival systems, hard-wired to consume high calorie foods to endure fast or famine...

...neither of which we will be forced to endure today.

We've become slaves to modern marketing machines that guide and manipulate our choices. Our 'freedom to choose' fails to consider that our perception of 'freedom' itself is influenced by the repeated messages we consume.

Our weight increases, our mind's race, our bodies feel slow and sluggish as our mental and physical health deteriorates... yet we don't worry, because there are new drugs today that can change all that...

...except that they rarely do.

They mask or manage symptoms while the underlying cause remains untreated... after all, it's more profitable that way.

Our behaviours remain the same.

Nothing shifts, except the exchange of money and control.

From you.... to them.


Do you remember The Muppets? They were very cute puppets full of character that featured in children's programs. Muppets were controlled. An operator had a hand up their arse to make them move and talk.

Well, living a long life as a muppet to global profit making machines is unlikely to serve your best interests.

Muppets are largely extinct now... replaced by easier to control digital talking heads and bodies.

Don't be a Muppet...

Take back control

Take back control of your mind and body by choosing habits that boost your healthspan.

Focus on what you can do today to live healthier.

Take action, by building positive habits and your lifespan will look after itself.

Focus on living better now, for today and tomorrow.

Accept that the payoff will be looking back from the future and being proud of your action.

Don't get sucked into thinking that drug companies will keep you alive...

...because they may... it's just that, like my beautiful Nanna, your quality of life might be so low that death could feel like a blessing.

Please, don't put your health and wellbeing in the hands of others... it is your responsibility.

Take back control of your mind and body.

Live your life well.


Wellteam Founder

As a side note:

Buyer Beware: My nan was regular consumer of both Bex and Vincent Powders. They were popular at the time and promoted heavily. Bex was manufactured by German pharmaceutical company Bayer. By the early 1960's there were known serious side effects of one of their ingredients. In 1967 "the dangers...had become clear" but it was not until 1977 (20 years later) that they were banned in Australia... but still available months later through some outlets including pharmacies.

Time for action?

Want a fast, efficient, natural, sequential path to better mental and physical health?

Join our Wellteam global community. If you haven't done so yet, commit to our next 6-week Launch Challenge. You'll experience 30 science-backed, non-drug, biohacks that can make a positive difference... fast.

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3️⃣ Take back control. 💪

I wish you a healthier, calmer, more active, more fulfilling life.

Take care out there and go well.


Wellteam Founder

R.I.P. My beautifully Nanna Flower. You deserved a much better life.




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