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Mar 15, 2024

Unless you live in a blanket box at the end of your parents bed, you’ll be feeling the impact of changes around you. 

Whether it’s climate shifts, finance model shifts, global sharemarket disruptions, global power imbalances, destabilised, populist politics, de-centralisation of workforces or just the cost of daily life… things are changing. 

I can’t explain why, I can’t predict where it’s heading or any timeframe for reestablished equilibrium… if ever. I’ll bet you can’t either. Even the worlds best economists can only reliably predict the past. 

Change can be scary, likely impacting most of us today with so many variables changing at once. 

Rather than distracting ourselves by doom scrolling on phones or binge-watching the box… it’s time to re-wire our minds and bodies for the task ahead. 

Rather than basking in luxury or seeking the easy, comfortable life, it's time to re-orient our mental models. 

It’s time to join the expedition. 

Think back upon early explorers across the world. Did they know what they were heading into? Do they know what to expect? No.

Did they encounter hardships? Did they have no choice but to struggle through? Was it easy, smooth sailing? 

Were they tough, resilient, adaptable? 

Did they train and prepare for what they might encounter?

You bet they did. 

What do the next 10 years look like for you? Will it be smooth sailing or is there a storm brewing? I hope for you there's one hell of an adventure ahead... a true expedition of the ages. Something that will ignite your senses and tap into 200,000 years of evolutionary biology, the same biology that links you with all those early explorers.

Navigate the next 10 years in great mental and physical shape and you'll be a legend too.

Here's how to prepare... come what may: 

Prepare your mind to accept, not resist change.

When changes is coming, don't expend valuable energy, time and other resources defending your position. If change is coming and the outcome is inevitable, then yield quickly and re-establish a new position early. Resources spent defending the undependable are wasted. Look for signals early that change is coming and be adaptable. 

Live below your means.

So many people today use borrowed money to live beyond their means. While this might give you access to more things than you can currently afford, it can place you in significantly increased financial stress when chaos reigns.

Adjust early, adjust now, downscale your house, buy the cheapest car your ego can afford, go back to eating basic foods, not luxury items. 

Challenge your social needs versus your basic needs.

Social needs are things that satisfy your status in your community. If you’re hanging out with the Mercedes Benz crowd you’ll be buying more expensive wine and eating more expensive cheese.

Rebel against this social conformist behaviour and tread your own path or change the crowd you hang with. Transition from the Moet mob to the 5am run club… or Wellteam. 

Get uncomfortable to build resilience.

You don’t build resilience by being comfortable. It’s like a muscle. You have to train it. Ironically, the more frequently you train for discomfort, the less discomfort you will experience and the more resilient you will become.

Start with cold showers, intermittent fasting, push ups, sit ups, getting up first thing every morning, get outside and do 30 minutes of activity… especially when it’s cold and wet or hot and humid. 

Practice life outside your comfort zone.

There’s a thing called Challenge Stress. It works like this: if you deliberately expose yourself to a stressful experience and know it won’t kill you and know you can stop… then it will build mental resilience if you do it. It works well because you can choose it and by choosing it you accept and embrace the discomfort.

Enrol in an event or activity that pushes you mentally and physically. Sign on for an open mic night at a pub, an art competition, a 5km run like Park Run, a swim, a race, an event that you may fail at. 

Prepare your body to function more efficiently.

Your body is amazing, truly amazing. Your ancestors survived through extreme heat, cold, injuries, famine, plagues and more. Today… we’re soft. We rarely feel hungry, rarely experience symptoms of anything without reaching for drugs.

We rely on alcohol to make us happy or relaxed, drugs to calm us down or perk us up. Go natural. Get back to nature, try a 24-36hr water only fast, swim in the middle of winter, turn the air conditioner off in your house, your car, let your bodies natural thermostat work for you, drop caffeine for a week, alcohol, wheat, milk, processed foods. Re-engage with 200,000 years of evolutionary engineering.

Learn and know your limits.

As with all of the above. When we push ourselves we stretch our psychological limits so they closer match our physiological limits. When we do this we build self-confidence. We don’t worry if we miss lunch, if there’s no hot water, if we’re at the beach on a cold day, if we have to run to catch a train, if there’s no milk, bread, cake, coffee, we build mind and body strength. 

Start training now. Start building your mental and physical resilience. 

Today, we use a small portion of our available functions. We’ve grown soft, comfortable but your mind and body are incredibly capable.

When you're fitter, calmer, have greater clarity over your needs and your purpose, feel stronger in body and mind and surround yourself with others on that quest… then, and only then… are you prepared for the expedition of the next 10 years. 

There’s a storm coming. You know it. You can feel it too, I know. 

It’s going to be amazing… because we’ll be prepared. 

Do the training now. 

Are you a true modern explorer?

Embrace the chaos. 


Wellteam is your perfect training partner and community.

Explore over 80 biohacks that tap into your evolutionary biology, they will push you outside your comfort zone, get you back in touch with your capability, build your confidence, get you fitter, calmer, clearer and stronger.

You'll be surrounded by others on a quest to thrive amidst the chaos.

This is Wellteam.


Get your baseline scores and report using the Wellteam Scorecard Tool then use our AI tool to build a Custom Challenge Program of micro-challenges built based on your report. When you're ready, join the flagship Launch Challenge, build camaraderie with others on weekly zooms.

Don't just weather the storm... dance to it.



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