Beach Walk - West Beach Adelaide

Swim and/or Walk the beautiful beachfront at West Beach Adelaide.

Meet in the carpark. 1 Seaview Rd, West Beach SA 5024


Friday, Sep 30, 2022 at 09:30 PM

4 people joined

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Beach walk at 7am from Henley Sailing Club.

For the brave (or crazy) 6.30am we will meet for a short (probably very short) swim in the Ocean or a short run before drying off and joining the rest of the Adelaide Wellteam chapter at 7am for a one hour walk along the beach.

Flat, paved or on the sand.

NOTE: These are unguided activities organised by Wellteam members for social exercise. Use your own judgement to determine if this walk is good for you and bring along everything you need including payment for your own drinks at the end.

Event Guide

Wellteam social events are non-guided, unsupported events. Members of the Wellteam community gather and walk. Usually, someone knows where they are going and while they are unsupported, we look out for each other.

There's no qualified guides or trainers and no-one responsible for your safety other than yourself. These activities are social activities only.

NOTE: Participants are 100% responsible for their own safety. Participants must use their own judgement to decide whether the activity is applicable to them.

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